Carmel Berry

Carmel blueberries

175.00 ש"ח

Number of boxes to choose from:
Blueberries made in the country
Our blue gold comes directly from the Carmel Farm in Louvre in the southern Golan Heights
Premium varieties, growing in a natural process only, reaching your home within a day from the moment of harvest
Everyone who tried it immediately realized that there are blueberries and there are blueberries

Each box contains 125 g of 'blue gold'

Raphael strawberry

145.00 ש"ח

Number of boxes to choose from:
Raphael variety
We develop advanced strawberry varieties in Beit Hanan, Raphael is our new and favorite variety
The color is particularly glossy red, the texture is crispy, the taste is slightly peachy
Can only be obtained from us

Each box contains 250 g of strawberry Raphael

Berries from FARM TO TABLE

When health, taste and nature meet

farm to table

Our berries come straight from our Golan Heights Carmel Blueberry farm

We have adopted the most advanced technologies to grow, monitor and harvest fresh blueberries
And the result - fresh Israeli produce - from farm to table- which arrive at you in fast delivery and free within 1-2 days of harvest date

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Breeding without spraying - biological pest control

The blueberry and fruit seedlings are not sprayed at any stage!
We only use natural pesticides (biological pesticides) to neutralize pests and keep the fruit and seedlings free from disease
We use honey bees and bees in the bush to fertilize the flowers in a natural process

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