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Carmel Blueberry - Privacy Policy

The Israel Research and Development Company Ltd. ("Company") Respects the privacy of users of its services. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") Lists the information gathering procedures used by the Company when using the Company's services, both within the Company's website and within the Application (as defined inTerms of Use) Including the information collected and the manner in which the Company uses such information. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the terms of this Privacy Policy before using the Company's services. This privacy policy is drafted in the male language for convenience only, and applies equally to women. All that is said in this privacy policy in a single language - even many by implication.

User consent

This Privacy Policy forms an integral part ofTerms of Use Of the Company and any other terms which may be displayed on the Company's website or in the Company's app (collectively referred to as "Terms"). All definitions and terms in the Privacy Policy shall be as defined in the Terms of Use, unless the context otherwise requires. The Terms apply to any use of the Company's services, in whole or in part, and are a binding legal agreement between the User and the Company. At any time of installation, entry, access or any Use of the Company Services, and / or clicking on the "Submit Request" and / or "I Accept" and / or "I Agree" and / or "Order" and / or any other formulation (only in relevant cases where such consent is required) , The user acknowledges that he has read, understood and gives his full consent to the terms, and therefore any user who does not agree to the terms, in whole or in part, may not make any use of the company's services, including the installation of the disclaimer Enroll and / or access the company website and uninstall the app immediately, if installed.

Some of the uses of the Company's services will require registration, under which the user will be required to provide various details. The user declares that: (1) The details that he will provide to the company during the use of the company services are done voluntarily and with his consent. The Company may (but is not obligated to) retain the said information in the database and additional information that will be accumulated about the user, in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy and in accordance with the applicable law. In addition; (2) Registration for the Company's services on the Website and / or the Application constitutes its express consent to receive e-mail and / or SMS messages from the Company and / or other automated dialing and / or electronic means (including Push Notifications) for the purpose of updating the user in relation to the Company's operations and services. Requested by him and including messages containing content that meets the definition of "publicity", pursuant to Amendment 40 of the Telecommunications (Lightning and Broadcasting) Act, 1982, including based on the user's whereabouts and / or based on segments and preferences analyzed on the basis The information collected The user may, at any time, notify the company of his desire to remove his address from the list of recipients of "advertising" by one Clicking the "Remove me from list" button and / or contacting the company at the email address

Amendment and / or modification of conditions

The Company reserves the right to amend or change the terms, in whole or in part, from time to time, as necessary and subject to the sole discretion of the Company and without any obligation to provide notice, in advance and / or in retrospect. If such changes and / or amendments are made, these will take effect immediately upon the updated Terms of Use on the Website. The last change date will be titled "Last Updated". Continued use of the Company's services, after showing the updated Terms of Use constitutes the user's consent to the changes and / or amendments that have been made. If the Company makes changes which, in the Company's discretion, may materially affect the rights of the User, the Company will take reasonable measures to warn them on the Website, through the User Account, if any, or by email notification if the Company's database exists. Beginning, the User hereby waives any right or requirement which requires the signature (non-electronic) or the delivery of non-electronic documents for the purpose of amendments and / or changes to the Terms.

Age restriction and eligibility

Use of the Company's services is for adults over the age of 18 only. The user declares and warrants that he is at least 18 years of age and has legal qualifications to undertake these terms and use and to carry out binding legal actions, in accordance with the Legal Training and Guardianship Law, 1962, and by law as well as the user has no legal or other prohibition to call the terms and receive the services. If you are not over the age of 18 and / or have no legal qualifications, you are required not to make any use of the Company's services, including installing the App and / or accessing the Company's website and / or using any service offered on the Company's website and / or the App and removing the Installing the app, if installed The company does not knowingly collect information about children below If the parent becomes aware of the collection of sensitive information from a minor who is not yet 18, the Company will make every effort to immediately delete this information.If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 who you are concerned about collecting sensitive information about, please Contact  with the girlfriend.

The type of information collected and how this information is used

When using the Company Services, the Company may collect from the User the following information:

  1. Non-personally identifiable information ("Non-Personal Information"). When using the website and / or the app and / or the company services, the company collects anonymous data, which does not identify the user. The non-personal information collected by the company may include the user's aggregate usage information and technical information transmitted by the user's device, including (but not limited to): device type, browser type, operating system, language, model, hardware, number Device ID (IP / Advertising IDFA / UDID address) Location data (by coordinates sent from cell phone, GPS location services and more) and statistical information related to the extent of use of the site or company services including date and time of use, duration, frequency of use, usage history , User-viewed page searches, including pages that have linked the user to the site.

The Company collects and uses non-personal information to analyze trends and traffic patterns, segment and enhance the site and user experience, Company Services and provide Company Services, including displaying marketing and promotional content as well as customized User Content, among others, based on the user's location and Information that is received and analyzed as a result of the use of the Company's services. The user may stop collecting certain statistical and technical information through the settings on his device.

  1. Personal Information. Personal information is information that identifies a person or may in a reasonable effort identify a person. When using the Company's Website or Services (depending on the type of Company Services you use), the Company may collect the personal information that you voluntarily provide and from your Company, as follows:

It is hereby clarified that the User does not have any obligation to provide information as above or below, and that the provision of such information is dependent on the user's wishes and consent. However, filling out some of the fields in the registration and / or booking process may be a prerequisite for using the Company's services and if the User chooses not to provide this information, the Company will not be able to provide the Services to the User. The user hereby declares and warrants that any information provided and / or updated is true and accurate and that the registration is personal and not on behalf of and / or to third parties, except where expressly permitted to do so. In addition, the information provided by the User to the Company may be verified by the Company against information about the User already in the Company's possession and / or transmitted to the Company by third parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law for the purpose of providing the Services.

How to collect and use cookies ("Cookies")

The Company collects the information set forth above directly on behalf of the User as well as automatically from the User’s Device during login or use of the Website and / or the Application and Company Services and / or by third parties, as set forth above.

The Company may use technologies such as "Cookies" and other technologies (such as Web Beacons, Pixels  And more). The cookies contain anonymous information and are used to collect statistics about the use of the website, the app and the company services, to verify details, and to adapt the services to the user's personal preferences. These actions do not include information that may identify the user. For more information see: The user may stop collecting this information through the settings on his device.

Third parties (e.g. Google Analytics)) may also use cookies, and similar technologies. This information does not include personal and / or identifying information. To learn more about how Google uses data generated from the use of Google Analytics, we encourage you to review Google's policies at: . You may also want to check out the current Google Analytics opt-out options at:

Sharing information with third parties

The Company does not share personal information collected from the user with third parties, except in the cases listed below:

  1. Sharing the information at the user's request and / or consent and / or to provide the user with a service requested and / or subscribed to. It should be noted that, when the Company shares information with a third party with the user's consent or request, such information will be subject to the third party's privacy practices.
  2. Sharing the information to the extent necessary to comply with any law, regulation, legal process or governmental order (ie, in accordance with the court's order and more) and sharing the information to the extent necessary for any dispute, claim, claim, demand and / or legal proceedings between the user and anyone On his behalf and on his behalf and / or on his behalf.
  3. Sharing of the information to the extent necessary to enforce the Company's policies and conditions, including to identify, prevent or take action against actions contrary to the provisions of any law and in the event that the Company believes that the disclosure is necessary to prevent serious damage to the property and / or the bodies of third parties and / Or other users and / or any of its employees and / or any of its customers, or in order to prevent any other injury or damage to the Company's discretion.
  4. Sharing information to the extent necessary with third parties and / or affiliates (parent companies, subsidiaries, group companies, etc.) who provide services for the company (such as authorities, marketing assistance, servers, customer service, fundraising, account editing, service functionality and support, Messenger service providers). These third parties may not use personal information for any purpose other than providing the requested services and the Company will take reasonable and acceptable commercial measures to prevent misuse of information transmitted to those third parties by the Company. However, the Company is not responsible for the activities of the third party and / or its actual use in the information transmitted to it.
  5. Sharing of information in the event that the company has transferred and / or deposited to a third party its activities and / or rights and obligations, and / or in the case of a merger and / or acquisition of the company and / or organization within another corporation, provided that such third party accepts the specified instructions In this Privacy Policy.

The Company may use and share the Personal Information in any of the above cases, as well as the Company's internal and commercial interests, for the purposes of improving and improving the Website and Service, Statistics, Marketing, Business Analysis and Marketing Analysis, as well as enhance the user's experience with the Site.

The Company will not violate the user's privacy and acts in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act, 1981, and the provisions of any other law on the Company. The Company may collect, process, maintain and transmit to third parties information provided by the user in relation to the actions that will be performed within the Services as well as information about Third parties appearing on the checks carried by the Discount Services and use this information, including cross-checking and verifying them with information obtained by lawful third parties, to provide the services, improve its services, comply with the law, prevent theft and fraud, for security purposes, for marketing purposes, for handling In complaints, for customer service needs, for statistical purposes And daughters and legitimate purposes and trading of the Company, subject to this Privacy Policy and the provisions of the law.

Duration of retention of information and user rights

The Company may correct, update or delete and remove partial or inaccurate information at any time and in its discretion. The company values ​​and respects users' privacy and control over their personal information. Therefore, the user may, at any time, view, change or update certain information by logging in to the user profile and clicking on the "Edit details" button.

Also, if the information stored by the company is used for personal contact with the user, based on belonging to one or more population groups determined according to one or more characteristics in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, the user is entitled to require in writing that the relevant information in relation to The user may be deleted from the Company's databases. In addition, the User may, at any time, review, modify, update or request certain personal information regarding the User who is with the Company by contacting the Company with appropriate contact with the Company at the email address: Such information will be deleted as long as, in the Company's discretion, it is not required for the legitimate interests of the Company and / or the Company is required to keep such information in accordance with law.

When contacting for updating and / or reviewing and / or deleting the aforementioned information, the Company may require the user to use certain information to identify the user prior to responding to the said request.

If the User is not requested to delete and / or change the above information and / or delete or cancel the User Account, the Company will retain such information for the period required to provide the Services, meet the Company's obligations, conduct its business, enforce the Agreement and protect itself. In case of legal dispute as well as in accordance with the requirements of the relevant law Also, as specified in these private countries and terms of use, the Company shares the information with third parties. Therefore, the user is aware and hereby confirms that, if he asks the company to delete the personal information about him, the information held by the company and under its control will be deleted. The Company may refuse such user requests if these have been made an unreasonable number of times and / or requests which require exceptional and unreasonable technical effort or are not practical and / or requests which, in the Company's reasonable discretion, may jeopardize the privacy of others.

It should be noted that a user account which is canceled and deleted in the light of the user's request will not be recoverable and the user will have to re-register and create a new user account, should he request to use the company's services.

Data Security

The Company does everything in its power to maintain the confidentiality of the user's information and uses common security methods to ensure the safety of users' information and to prevent unauthorized use of such information, including the encryption of information. Although the Company is taking reasonable steps to protect such information which reduces the risk of unauthorized intrusion, complete protection cannot be provided. Therefore, the Company does not warrant that its servers will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein. The Company will not be held liable in the event of the disclosure and use of the above information resulting from unauthorized penetration of others.

A user who believes that their privacy has not been treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy is asked to contact the company at the email address:

The transfer of information

We may process or store personal information both in Israel and in other countries of the world. The user hereby acknowledges that by accessing the website and / or the app and / or the company services, your information may be transferred, stored and processed on the company's servers outside the State of Israel.


For any questions regarding the website and / or the app and / or the company services, you can contact the company as follows:

The Israeli Research and Development Company Ltd.

Address: Sapir 1, Herzliya, Israel