Carmel Berry

You can find Our produce in local stores >>

You are mostly welcome to purchase our wonderful fresh blueberries in a very selection of local stores in Israel:

Vegetable top - Shankar 43
Vegetable top - Henkin 42
Tel Aviv
Fresh Nature - Naval Judea 61
Artichoke - Garden City Parking Lot
Top Fruits and Vegetables - Weizmann 20
Fruits and Vegetables Center - Flowers of the 22, Basel Complex
Chef's Fruits - Mall G
Willow and Negev Land - Port Market 
Farmer - Ben Yehuda 195
Selection of Fruit and Vegetables - Isaac Barley 18
The Fruit Gem - Focus Center, Aaron Becker 8
Kfar Shmaryahu -
Fruits and Vegetables - the illegal immigrants 11
Sharon area
Rosemary Nursery - a village that sees
Spirit of nonsense - Gan Shmuel

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