Carmel Berry

Questions and Answers

Here you will find interesting and important information and answers to most of the questions that people asked us

1. Can I pick up the order myself?

The answer is - at this point we are not prepared with such options for periods when this will be possible

2. How do I know if delivery is optional to my area?

We are currently delivering to the center area - our system is constantly growing and expanding and soon we will be able to add more areas according to the company's vision and intentions

press & enter page at this link and see the information about Shipping and shipping areas

3. Not suitable for me to order a whole cardboard - can I order only a few boxes?

You can order half a carton which is 9 boxes or a third carton which is 6 boxes of fresh blueberries, but we recommend ordering cardboard - the blueberries are eaten fast ... and also, it comes out more lucrative for you. You can also enjoy a significant discount when ordering larger quantities

4. Only blueberries? And if I want more berries - can I order?

We are in the process of developing and growing more berries - be sure to be on the site here - - Be the first to know - Starting in 2020, we will be sending red / black and cherry raspberries as well as a selection of selected berries !!

5. How can I pay on site? And when will my order arrive?

You can pay on the site on various Israeli and international credit cards (you can see this on the homepage at the bottom of the page)

We have 2 delivery dates - On Monday and Friday - The order will arrive within 1-4 days until you confirm payment on site - click it Here and learn More about our ordering and shipping process from Farm to Table

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