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Carmel Blueberry - Terms of Use


  1. Welcome to the Carmel Blueberry website owned by the Israeli Research and Development Company Ltd. (hereinafter: "the Company"). The site is an online berry shopping site. Terms of use are written in male language, but are intended for every user and user of the site.
  2. We will be happy to answer any questions or comments regarding the site via email Or through the site.
  3. Please read the site policies carefully. By registering for the Site and performing any actions within it by you, you acknowledge that you have read the Terms and Conditions, and that you agree and agree to all its instructions, and constitute a binding agreement between the surfers and users of the site and the site owners. The ordering and purchase process on the Website will be governed by the terms set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The site owners reserve the right to update and change the policy from time to time at their sole discretion, without the need to give advance notice to the customer using the website (hereinafter: "the customer" and / or "the user"). The customer will not make any claims and / Or claims against the site and its owners for such updating and / or modification, so you are asked from time to time when you shop through the site to read the policies.
  5. Site owners may change or discontinue their activity at any time without notice.
  6. The site is intended for use by the public only in Israel, aged 18 and over.
  7. The site owners reserve the right not to allow a particular customer to order products from the site for any reason, at their sole discretion and without the need for an explanation or explanation.


Privacy Protection


  1. Use of the Website is conditional upon providing correct identifying information (name, address, telephone, customer e-mail address). It is clarified that there is no obligation to provide any details beyond the basic details required in the joining form except payment details.


  1. When registering for the site, the customer must fill out an opt-in form, according to the instructions contained therein. The information provided by the customer and any additional information that will be collected about it will be stored in the database of the site and it authorizes him to use it in accordance with the provisions of any law.


  1. The customer declares that the registration on the site constitutes an endorsement on his part of the distribution of direct mail by the website owners or on their behalf.
  2. By joining the site, the customer endorses the site to be included in its list of customers and to use the information provided by it at the time of registration and / or to be accumulated during the use of the site, in order to contact him and to inform him of offers on the site or regarding other services.


Terms of Adding Comments and Messages

  1. The site allows the user to add and upload reviews on products, as determined by his discretion. The user agrees that the webmasters do not necessarily pass the opinion and are not edited by them and that they are displayed on the site as they are, without verifying their reliability, accuracy and accuracy and the publishers will not be held responsible for any incompatibility, error, inaccuracy or any indirect or direct damage. That will result from the opinion.


  1. The User warrants that the opinions published by him will not violate any provisions of law and shall not include any information that violates the proprietary rights of others or any reference that may infringe on anyone or any illegal or defamatory or infringing privacy or any material that may mislead the consumer.


  1. The user undertakes to compensate or indemnify the site owners for any expense or damage they may incur as a result of violating the provisions of these policies or any violation of any third party rights due to the posting of messages by them.


  1. The User is aware that the Website may edit, correct or delete any written, written, complete or partial reviews of the Website and any material or information from the Website, at its sole and absolute discretion, without the obligation to notify the Customer.


Purchase of products and services on site

  1. On the site, berries are sold and all according to the list of products listed on the site.
  2. The Website may at any time, at its sole discretion, change the supply and / or the range of products displayed in the list of products listed on the Site, and may replace or add products to the product list or exclude products from the list from time to time, and in its sole discretion.


  1. The pictures of the products appearing on the site are for illustration purposes only and do not in any way bind the site.


  1. The products sold on the site and which by their very nature are to be chosen by the staff and their power of choice will be made in their sole discretion, with regard to the nature and / or freshness of the products, and the customer will not make any claim and / or claim for the products supplied to him.


  1. Products that are not necessarily in stock may also appear on the site, in this case, and when products that are not in stock are ordered, the customer exempts the site from any commitment to supply the product, and of course the customer will not be charged for the unproducted product.


  1. The Website is intended for sale to consumers or wholesalers, however, the Website reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to prevent the sale of any Products to the Customer beyond a certain quantity, and to set different rates for wholesale quantities.


  1. The price of the products sold on the site will change at the sole discretion of the website owners and without the need for any advance notice.
  2. The customer is aware that the ordering charge for products being weighed will be in accordance with their actual consideration by the company's employees. It is clarified that the estimate of the value of the order delivered to the customer is only estimated and that, naturally, in products sold and supplied by weight, there is a reasonable deviation between the ordered weight and the actual weight supplied, and therefore the account will be made according to the weight of the actual product supplied and the customer will have no claim or claim for so.


The payment

  1. Payment for the order will be made by credit card issued by one of the recognized credit card companies operating in the country, and the details of which were provided by the customer at the time of registration for the site, and subject to these companies permitting payment to be made.
  2. The customer is aware that the actual payment amount may and does not differ from the amount stated on the order by him, where the actual payment amount includes the prices of the products after being considered by the Company's employees and does not include products which are missing and not provided as stated.
  3. Payment for the ordered products will be based on their price at the time of ordering, but in cases where there is a significant change in the price of any item, the site reserves the right to call the customer and notify the change in price, and the customer will be able to confirm the order at the updated price or cancel the order.
  4. The payment amount for the order will include the payment for the shipping fee as detailed on the website. The Company reserves the right to update these amounts from time to time, in its sole discretion.


Shipping and delivery

  1. The Company will deliver the Products to the Customer's address, as specified on the Order Form or joining the Website, or to the distribution point from which the Products will be collected by the Customer of his choice.
  2. Shipping will be provided to the customer in accordance with the shipping areas and delivery dates specified on the website only.
  3. Will make every effort to provide all products included in the order, but unfortunately not all products will be available, therefore, the Company does not undertake to provide all products in the order whether specified or not and the customer will not make any claim and / or claim whatsoever to the site and its owners For failure to deliver any product from the order, it is understood that a product not provided by the site will not be charged.
  4. Customer agrees and confirms that, at the time of delivery of the Products, he or she does not act on his behalf, he / she agrees to * leave the order at his or her door or any other place that is compatible with the Customer, including collection points.
  5. Customer hereby agrees that, to the extent that the order has been left adjacent to its address or elsewhere, the responsibility for the Products is solely its own and in the event of theft, spoilage or any other problem in connection therewith, the Customer will not be able to make any claims and claims against the Website and its owners.


Product Returns

  1. The customer has a duty to check the contents of the shipment upon receipt and compare it to a shipping certificate or invoice to be attached to the shipment upon delivery.
  2. Returns of products that are fresh consumables (such as fruits and vegetables) - will not be possible except in the case discussed in Section 35
  3. In the event of delivery of defective and / or defective products or in case of discrepancy between the order and the products supplied, the customer must inform the customer service within 12 hours after the delivery date. Failure to give notice during such period constitutes a waiver by the Customer of any claim and / or claim in connection, incompatibility and / or dissatisfaction on his part.
  4. The customer service center will coordinate with the customer the completion or replacement or return of the product or financial credit to the customer, as the case may be and as required by the circumstances and according to the law.
  5. It is hereby clarified that any completion and / or replacement and / or return of the Product as aforesaid will require the Customer to pay shipping charges.


Cancel and change order

  1. The site may cancel an order and in case of cancellation the customer will not be charged for the order. The site will be entitled to change an order and not deliver a product that is not in stock and / or the customer has not confirmed its delivery at an updated price, without prior notice to the customer. In the event of failure to deliver such product, the ordering party will be charged according to the modified order.
  2. After the picking date, and prior to partition, the order cannot be changed and / or canceled and the customer will be charged for the full order.


  1. Returns and cancellations of products shall be in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Act, including the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1981, the provisions of the Sales Act, 1968, and of the Billing Cards Act 1986, and / or subject to the Customer Service Policy of The Website, as determined from time to time.


Data Security

  1. This site is supported by information security companies to enable you to enjoy a completely secure purchase. The site has advanced protection mechanisms in place to secure its information.
  2. The User acknowledges that the Website is aware of the use of information security measures that are standard in the Internet industry in order to protect the information contained on the Website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user is known to be exposed to the risks associated with systems based on communications networks, and that despite the efforts of the Website, there is no absolute security against intrusion into the Website. In no event shall the Site and / or its owners be liable for any damage caused to the user following such breach and shall not be liable for the transfer of information about the user to any third party and / or the publication of the information and / or any other use of the information in contravention of any law.
  3. The user undertakes not to perform or attempt to perform any site jamming operations, including any attempts to penetrate, crawl and / or disclose information and the like.


Intellectual Property

  1. The intellectual property on the site, including the ownership of the information, copyright, trademarks, trade names, graphic design and the like, belongs exclusively to the site owners.
  2. The user of the website declares that he has no proprietary right in the opinion given by him to the site, and the site and its owner will be able to make any use of the opinion in their sole discretion.



  1. The manner of communication through these By-Laws and all relating thereto will only apply the provisions of Israeli law and the unique jurisdiction is vested in the Tel Aviv courts.
  2. Any message sent by the site to the customer based on the address or email given by the customer when registering for the site shall be deemed to have reached its destination on the day of delivery.